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Summer 2015 – a quick recap

Well, the season finally came to an end. As all good things have to. But this time it was different. You know the feeling when you have reached a goal, performed well, accomplished a goal. That feeling.
This season we met a lot of new friends, we went to a lot of nice places, learned tons of new tactics and techniques. And we caught hundreds of trouts. Really.
So when we sat there in the car, heading home after this season’s last sea trout fishing day, we were smiling. Satisfied. It probably won’t last long, but that’s the way it felt.
Next up is a weekend trip to Öland, south east of Sweden. The trout around Öland is bigger than on the west coast so we are all in for a new personal best. We will try to post some updates from there. Stay tuned.


As the season for seatrout in southern Sweden is getting closer Westler and Orrbeck is preparing the right flies. A trip to Mölle is scheduled for next weekend.

Here is a video of one of the flies that gets its place in our fly boxes. It is a variation of the famous Pattegrisen but this little pig is on a tight budget. We left out the expensive spey hackle and got all in with the marabou feathers. Some people call it Spargrisen but we call it Marabougrisen. Enjoy.

Time flies

Tiden flyger iväg. Sommaren dundrar på i oförskämd takt. Juni ägnades främst åt sena nätter med havsöringfiske i och omkring Göteborg. Westler hade ett par riktigt fina nätter med flera hugg och många upp. Inga riktiga spöböjare ännu, men dom kommer… Orrbeck har besökt Vänern och satt PB på gädda och abborre. En snabbvisit till favoritviken i Vättern har det också blivit men där lös harren, öringen, laxen och rödingen med sin frånvaro. Vi kämpar på med fler turer under sommaren och i augusti rullar vi förhoppningsvis till Dalarna i jakt på harr. Därifrån blir säkert något matigare filmreportage också.

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