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Blown away

Westler fighting the waves

Blown away

When you plan a fishing trip in advance and mark the days in the calendar, you probably don’t have a clue what the weather will be like. Sometimes it’s nice, sometimes it’s not. And sometimes there’s a storm.


This was our third trip to Lerhamn. Or the fourth. Either way, we had never caught fish in this place. But it looks and feels really good so we ended up here again. Orrbeck & Westler, featuring Zlatan. And again we catch nothing. Zero. Not even Zlatan scored here.


Usually when you catch nothing you try to come up with a cause. This time it was the wind. Obviously. All the other parameters were fine.


With some hesitation we waded out in the rough sea. Luckily the waves were breaking by the shallow bank just outside of the stone shore. But it surely wasn’t a walk in the park. And when we once in a while made a decent cast, a wave flushed the line on to land. The few casts we made that could have resulted in a fish got caught in all the drifting seaweeds. Marabougrisen will have to wait for it’s glory.












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