Last saturday Westler and Hermansson took a day trip to the south of Sweden. We have been there a couple of times since their season opening in January but so far we never had any good fishing. Strong winds, rain or fog use to do their best to ruin our fishing. But not this time.

The sea was calm and the sun was slowly warming up the cold and crystal clear water. Westler rigged his newly built 8 foot, 4 weight and Hermansson went with the more appropriate 6 weight. We fished an area with sand bottom and a lot of rocks and kelp but the calm and clear water made it impossible not to spook the fish, if there were any.

The next spot was near the harbour in Mölle. A thick sea mist surprised us but only lasted for an hour. Just before the fog lifts Hermansson shouts -”There it is!” The rod was bending deep as the sun started to shine through. The 45 cm silver sea run put up a really good fight before it was released.


As the wind increased Westler switched to the more suitable 6 weight. And maybe that was a good thing. Moments later he saw a big shadow following his small pink hackled fly. He stops retrieving for a few seconds and then, BAM! A giant silver trout took the fly, made some powerful rolls and then made a full speed 30 meter run before Westler could slow it down. The screaming Hardy Marquis echoed between the hills in the background. This fish was so strong that we could only steer it a bit and after a good 20 minutes we could land it in the net. Well, at least half the fish as the net was way too small.


The fish measured 77 cm and just under 4 kilos. A new personal best for Westler that is not easy to break. After that we had a good time in the sun with some smaller fish on the hook and a nice lunch at Hotel Kullaberg. We both smiled in the car all the way back to Gothenburg. Not all fishing trips are like this one.

In first of april the season opens for our home waters in the west coast of Sweden. We are in the middle of preparation for a opening weekend in the archipelago just north of Gothenburg. Hopefully we can write something similar about that trip as well.